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Totally Random, and Twilight

It's Friday night and I will DEFINITELY be dedicating the evening to myself. Must fight the overwhelming urge to feel guilty about said decision. So what do I do when I'm not studying or at work? Apparently, I watch Freaky Friday and read Vampire Academy. Oh yeah - about the vampire novel - it's a guilty pleasure. I got the first books because there was a Buy-one-Get-one free offer at Waterstones in Scotland. It's really not bad - definitely TRUCKLOADS better than the Twilight "saga". I'm not going to deny reading Twilight, because I read them all like they were literary crack. In hindsight, they were lacking in a number of aspects normally associated with 'good' novels. First of all, she falls in love with him (irrevocably!) after a few intense stare-downs. Also, Bella Swan? NOT A REAL TEENAGER. I just read Wuthering Heights myself, and it is mentally impossible to read again and again..and again, as she claims to have done. The better part of chapter one consists of Bella NOT giving us a valid reason as to why she's moving to somewhere she "detests", and continues with Bella complaining about every possible part of her day. Chapter two - more of her complaining about how CRAP her day was, because she hated school and Edward wasn't at school. Stephanie Meyer has very lame ways of describing things (see following two examples):
- brown hair= BRONZE hair
- the air was full of swirling bits of white....= SNOW. I'm so serious. What was she trying to do? Give snow a mysterious entrance? Surprise surprise, she hates snow.
- she says that Dr. Cullen is..."handsomer" than any man blahblahblah...
Fast fowarding a little...
Was it totally necessary to drag the story out into four books, each on being longer than that last? NO IT WAS NOT.
You know what, I'm too irritated at Meyer to carry on :S

Netbooks and Nineteenth century Novels

This blog post is brought to you from my brand new netbook - Dell inspiron 1018 in Red! I'm a very VERY happy bunny. My mummy-dearest is going to make me the most adorable laptop cover, complete with owl and my name :)

In less materialistic news...
I'm dragging my way through Wuthering Heights. The amount of time I'm taking to read this novel is DISGUSTING! If Healthcliff is such a scoundrel, how is it that no one just kills him in his sleep or something? Very depressing stuff too. But we soldier on :O
I'll try and write a decent 'review' of it later on to sharpen my writing skills, seeing as I have 3 assignments to write.
So...semester one exams start soon. I've only got two- one on the 27th and another on the 28th- but I'm nervous anyway. I like studying in the University's library, but WOW is it difficult to get a locker after 8:30am! Everyone is freaking OUT.

I should go do something productive now, huh?
Peace out x

In the middle of a thunderstorm.

I write this while sitting in my living room, with the television off and the glorious sounds of a thunderstorm-symphony replacing my usual play list. Every so often I stop and listen, anticipating the roaring thunderclap one expects to hear after catching a flash of lightning through the window. It just happened again right now. Personally, the perfect weather would consist of warm (not HOT) days with dark and stormy nights such as these. Seems like a happy balance to me.

Well in other news, I'm about half way through Pride and Prejudice and am thoroughly enjoying University thus far - except, of course, for that time when I walked all the way up only to discover that my only lectures for the day had been cancelled.Oh well.

Since I find blogging so therapeutic, I'll continue by talking about my BA English course a little. My favourite credits so far have to be 19th Century Fiction, Romanticism & Genre:Prose - partly because I find them most interesting, and partly because the lecturers are awesome to say the least. My Romanticism lecturer has this very old school English accent (*well, he DID study at Oxford university XD*) that makes whatever he says just so much more convincing! XD On top of that, he can memorise quotes like nothing I've ever seen before. I need to be able to do that. Somehow. Speaking of Romanticism, we're doing William Blake right now. I love Blake - in fact, the first poem I really read was The Tyger. I was very young (11 years old?) and I'd read the poem in this book called Puffin treasury classics or something. It was such a pretty book <3 Anyway, here's a quick outline of my "To-Read" list:
- Pride and Prejudice
- Jane Eyre
- Wurthering Heights
- Middle March
- Jude the Obscure
- Great Expectations
- Paradise Lost
- Blake's Poems
- Tamburlaine the Great
- The Jew of Malta
- Dr Faustus
- Our Mutual Friend
- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
- and more to come.
Those are just the ones I've got to read for my course. In my free time (if such a thing is to exist any longer with regards to reading) I'd like to finish:
- The French Lieutenant's Woman
- Vampire Academy: Frostbite (in desperate needs of some light reading.)
- The Picture of Dorian Gray
- The Great Gatsby

Wow. That's a LOT of reading to do. :O
Good thing reading is a major hobby of mine :D

That's important. Hobbies are important. Without a mentally fulfilling pastime, we are reduced to bored beings destined to browse the internet and make what we can of uninteresting, unimportant observations. A man/woman could go mad without a hobby.

I'm off to continue reading
Peace out.


Hello Blog :D
I'm typing this up in my 5 hours free between lectures. I honestly do love my course at University, but seeing as there's two sides to everything, there IS a drawback. This could come in the form of too much homework, sub-standard notes, or teachers not showing up - but this is not the case. I find myself increasingly irritated by the sheer number of people who pretend themselves to be so much more well-read then the rest of us lowly English students. I know for a fact, for instance, that Mr. Maupassant [one of the greatest French writers to ever walk the earth] knew what he was doing, and was not being silly as suggested by a pretentious young man in my class recently. I'm all for questioning the text for critical purposes, but really now, MUST you make such a fuss of it with your gargantuan words in order to appear intelligent?(see what I did there?)

I'm not in this course to strut around proclaiming what I have and haven't read to the masses, nor am I in it to put forward improbable theories or state the obvious in hope of praise (on the contrary, this generally makes people look even more moronic).
I'd much rather say little and know more. I suppose the phrase "empty vessels make most sound" would best describes my feelings about the matter.


In other news, here's a poem about Autumn.

As I walk out into the early-morning sun
The season's sounds reach my ears.
I crunch my way over a blanket of leaves,
Kicking them up into a whirl of burgundy;
Watching them flutter back down to earth.
A soft wind whispers through the trees
Shrugging off a few remaining leaves.
Autumn – the beginning of nature's rebirth.


Peace out

Cuz like I'm intellectual and stuff.

So the exam fairies finally saw fit to send me my resit results a week or so ago, and I passed with a C when all I needed was a D. Booyaaaa.

Went up to the Campus with Katy and Luca and proceeded to do a LOT of walking around with a hint of writing down information. We bumped into a few friends and joined forces in an effort to navigate the area. Lol. At about 12 we went to an almost-useless meeting before hunting for the Institute of Linguistics. Found the institute of linguistics, went to eat pizza slices with fellow academics, then went home. After spending a couple of hours deciphering timetables and sifting through information,I discovered a clash between two compulsory credits. Not too happy about that, but I'm hoping it gets sorted tomorrow. ooh I almost forgot - I finally found ONE person who is in my course (Y) I know someone! No more loneliness! :D


Wow am I tired O_o
Hello blog lol
I guess the only real reason I'm blogging is because I like the feel of this new keyboard :D *new laptop love*
It's raining outside, yesterday's photos are uploaded onto flickr and FB, I watched Glee and House, AND I'm watching LOST. Until school starts, this is the cycle my life will repeat. Oh and I'll go to the gym.

It's my wife's birthday today :D so I'll be heading over to her house later for some chillage. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Gawd I'm tired O_O